A New RV Park Opens – RV Park Chapala

RV Park Chapala

RV Park Chapala

By Malcolm Callister


Linda and I met with Alma, in Chapala, she proudly told us; “My Brother and I spoke with Recreational Vehicle (RV) travelers from Canada and the USA.  We recognized the need for a quality RV Campsite close to the amenities of Chapala and Ajijic.  We owned land, ten minutes north of Chapala, and we have now built “RV Park Chapala,” it opens Saturday, December 1st, 2018.”

She invited us for a pre-opening visit, to give our opinion.  We agreed.

Ajijic, Mexico, is the jewel of the North American expat, live overseas magazines.  The area is a popular retirees gateway to Mexico, but the nearest RV park is one hour away.

The turning east off the Chapala to Guadalajara highway is just south of a row stores selling of locally made Dulce (Candy), at Ixtlahuacan.  From here it is only a few minutes’ driving suitable for most RV’s to the campsite.  As we climbed the winding roads, we passed several people riding horses.  From the highway to the backcountry in two minutes.  We were following Alma, but without a guide, it would be worth checking a map first as there are two locations where you could make the incorrect turn.

The locked gates are recessed in from the road to allow an RV to park off the road.  Getting out of our truck we were struck by the quiet and tranquility.  It was evening, and the sound of birds and farm animals carried on the air up the hillside, bringing with it the scent of wildflowers. The views to the north and west stretch for miles.  To the east and south, the views are restricted by higher ground.  The campsites have been artfully designed on terraces to provide views out over the valleys.


The RV park has eleven campsites and can accommodate large rigs.  Each site has full-hook-ups, 30 Amp and 20 Amp outlets, and three sites have an additional 50 Amp connection.  Several are pull-through sites, those on the east side are back-ins.  The sites themselves have been built up using crushed bedrock for strength, with a top layer of gravel used to level the sites.

The two casitas on the property are separated from the campsites and are in the process of being renovated.


The security fencing rings the site with night lights being finished.  Alma’s brother lives across the road.


Alma with a proud smile and a sweep of her arms she told us, “We only received approval to build in September.  Just look at what we have achieved.”

They have achieved a lot.  A well designed, well built and good location.

To Contact Alma, who speaks very good English,  call before arriving, or send a message on “WhatsApp” outside of Mexico (52) 3310892223, inside Mexico (01) 3310892223

Website: https://trailerparkchapala.webnode.mx/


GPS coordinates on the website were incorrect at the date of our visit.

For security, the gate is normally closed you need an appointment to get in.