Adventure In Mexico

Contributing author - Malcolm Callister

Our Adventure In Mexico - Expert Advice Helped Find The Correct Trailer

We turned to the experts at the 1000 Island RV Centre located in Gananoque, Ontario, for advice in specifying and selecting of the correct Rig for our planned Adventure.

About us:

My wife, Linda and I had spent the last 12-years RVing in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  For the Fall of 2018, Linda and I were planning our next RV Adventure. A three-year exploration of Mexico by RV.  Our short trips into Mexico over the past 12 years had convinced us that our 12-year old, 36ft 5th Wheel was too large to use exploring Mexico.

RV Expert Advice:

Our RV experts, Kim, and Carl of 1000 islands RV Center offered a combined consultation team of sales and service expertise.  Collectively we had prepared the specification for the trailer we needed, and then we looked at our options.

The specification required the new trailer to be practical, smaller than our old 5th Wheel, because of smaller Mexican campsites, and the narrow cobblestone or dirt streets of the towns and villages.  Wheel size and suspension were considerations due to potholes and topes to be encountered.

A newer trailer that would have new components, less likely to fail.  The travel trailer had to look nice but not flashy, to be basic both inside and out, maintenance had to be simple, roadside repairs were probable. CAA assistance would not be readily available.  We would be on our own without a handy RV or Ford dealership just down the road.

At 1000 islands RV they walked us through the benefits and shortcomings of the different trailers designs available.  With their advice and our 12 years RVing experience, we finally selected a three-year-old lightweight, Sunset Trail 25ft, Travel Trailer.

Our final Rig would consist of; the 2015 Travel Trailer and our existing 2007 reliable FORD, F350 diesel, now fitted with an ugly green cap of the wrong size, and no chrome trim or alloy wheels.
We spent two months road testing the Rig, packing and repacking getting the weight correct.

And We're Off!

With one last stop at the RV Center for last minute supplies and to say our goodbyes we pulled out and headed for the Canada/US border.
On the Journey south, we covered 5400 km, between Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and our Mexican home base, a rented house, one hour south of Guadalajara.  The journey took three weeks of easy driving and exploring.

When asked; Why go to Mexico?  The answer is not difficult.  We are interested in Mexican culture, their archeological heritage, and in getting to know the people.  We will walk the cities and the villages, meeting the people, enjoying their Fiesta’s, and swim in the coastal seas and hot springs.  Finally, for the adventurer at heart, Mexico is there, a driving distance from Canada.

The effort put into the assistance in specifying our Rig by the staff of 1000 Island RV Centre has already proved of value in trouble-free road testing and arriving without problems at our home base in Mexico.


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