Getting Your RV Ready For Winter!

Will you be ready for winter?

It's time to start thing about getting your RV ready for another Canadian winter.

It's very important that you prepare your RV’s properly to ensure that it can handle the cold months and will be ready for the next camping season.

Interior Checklist

  1.  Properly winterize your RV by adding Antifreeze to your water lines.
  2.  Make sure you have removed all food from your RV.   Any food left in your RV will attract rodents.
  3.  Clean every interior surface of your RV, including inside the fridge and oven.  Ensuring your RV is clean when you put it away for the winter will not only help hold it’s resale value but will allow it to be ready in the spring to go camping.
  4.  Leave the Fridge Door open over the winter.  Keeping the door closed will allow moisture to build up and create an environment for mold to grow.
  5.  It's always a good idea to have some sort of rodent repellent placed inside the RV.  You don’t want to allow a rodent to live in your RV for the winter months as they can be quite destructive.
  6.  It is a good idea to place some DampRid inside the RV to absorb moisture over the winter months.  Kitty Litter or Charcoal also works.

Exterior Checklist

  1.  Grease All Slide Mechanisms.  You want to do this each fall and spring to ensure your slide rooms will work freely and not put undue stress on the slide motors.
  2.  Inspect and repair all caulking on outside walls and roof.
  3.  Install air conditioner covers. These covers are designed to properly fit over your air conditioner and protect it from the elements.
  4.  Disconnect Propane tanks and install propane covers.
  5.  Remove battery and store in a warm dry place attached to a trickle charger.  This will ensure your battery will not lose it’s charge and last much longer.
  6.  If you prefer to cover your RV then invest in a proper breathable custom fit RV cover.
  7.  If a Hybrid or Tent trailer, make sure the canvas is completely dry before closing up.  If you put these types of RV’s away with wet Canvas, it creates a moisture rich environment for mold to grow.
  8.  Check your RV every month whether it’s stored inside our out.  It’s better to find a small issue early on then a big issue in the spring.
  9.  If storing your RV outside, pay attention to ice and snow buildup on the roof.  You may need to clean it off if it becomes too much.

I'd Like To Winterize My RV

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I'd Like To Winterize My RV

I'd Like To Store My RV For The Winter