RV Boss

RV Boss is available at 1000 Islands RV Parts Superstore in Gananoque, ON.
Since the mid 90’s, BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC., a Canadian manufacturer, gave itself the mission to meet the needs of a diversified clientele, by developing specialized product lines of superior and professional quality.

RV-BOSSTM, SEPTI-BOSSTM, ENVIRO-BOSSTM, AQUA-BOSSTM, ALGI-BOSSTM, ADJUSTA-BOSSTM and AGRI-BOSSTM, are part of the same product line that treat wastewater of recreational, residential, municipal and agricultural origins. Unquestionably one of the strengths of the company, these products have made its reputation since their creation and many of them have been homologated by Health Canada. Of unparalleled efficiency, ECOLOGICAL and ECONOMIC, they bring many advantages to their users. Since the mid 90’s, the expertise of BOSS TECHNOLOGY INC. for wastewater treatment has been known across the world.

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