Mirage 2000 Deoxidizer & Shine




Mirage 2000 Deoxidiser & Shine

Durable Coating

Restores Finish, Glazes, Seals & Protects!

1L  Bottle

Mirage2000 deoxidizer and shine-01

Mirage 2000  Deoxidiser & Shine is a specialized treatment for RVs, boats and all other types of vehicles.  It removes oxidation, enhances colours and restores the finish leaving a durable and resistant coating.  It resists to various weather conditions or to sun.


Shake well before use. (The surface to treat must be clean and dry)

  1. Apply Mirage 2000 on 2.0 sq. meters (21 sq ft) at a time.
  2. Let dry for 2 minutes
  3. Polish with a soft cloth
  4. Shake cloth frequently to obtain a shiny finish
WARNING: Avoid freezing



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 24 cm