RV Service & Maintenance

1000 Islands RV Centre offers the largest RV Service & Maintenance Department in Eastern Ontario.  Located at Exit #648 on Canada's busiest highway the 401, you simply can't miss us.   With 12 Service Bays,  fully licensed and certified technicians, we'll have you back on the road to continue your RV adventure in no time at all!

To book your Service Appointment call:

1-800-837-6556 or 613-382-4400

or email us at:

mbangma@1000islandsrv.com or ddunn@1000islandsrv.com

Spring RV Maintenance

DeWinterize / Summerize/Winterize

•Please Contact Matt or Dave for more information

613-382-4400 • 1-800-837-6556

Test Battery

•Check Battery Condition
•Check Converter/Charger Output

Test Fire Appliances

•Water Heater Pilot & Flame Lights
•Water Heater Element Test Proper
Resistance & Power to Element
•Refrigerator Burner Lights
•Refrigerator Element Gets Warm
•Furnace Lights
•Stove & Oven Burners Light
•A/C Fan Runs
•A/C Compressor Runs

Check Tire Pressure

•Check & Set to _________ PSI

Check All Lights Inside & Out

•All Clearance Lights Working
•Signals & Brake Lights Work
•Porch/Security Lights Work
•Interior Lights Work

Visually Check All Roof & Side Seals

•Roof Sealant at Accessories &
 Mouldings are free of Cracks/Separation
•Windows & Mouldings Free of Cracks/Separation

Sanitize Water System

•Install Sanitizer in Fresh Tank & Flush
  through All Lines Including Water Heater
•Drain All Sanitizer From Lines & Tank
•Fill Tank With Fresh Water & Flush Lines

Slide Maintenance

•Lubricate Slide Mechanisms (where applicable)
•Lubricate Slide Seals
•Check Adjustment & Operation of Slide Room(s)

Brakes & Bearing Service

•Clean & Repack Wheel Bearings
•Inspect & Adjust Brakes
•Test Brake Magnets & Brake Away Switch


Roof A/C Service

•Visually inspect the Unit (Remove Shroud and Check for Debris)
•Perform amp-draw Test to Ensure Compressor is Operating Properly
•Clean Drains to Prevent Back Up of Water and Properly Improve Efficiency
•Clean/Replace Filters to Ensure Optimum Performance and Air Flow



•To Help Prevent Debris and Build Up, Which is Left, will Negatively Impact
the Quality of the Air and Bog Down the A/C System.

Brakes & Bearing Service

•Clean & Repack Wheel Bearings
•Inspect & Adjust Brakes
•Test Brake Magnets & Brake Away Switch


Winterization Package

  • Hot Water By-Passed
  • Water Pump By-Passed
  • Hot & Cold Water Lines Drained
  • All Water Removed from Water Heater
  • Fresh Water Filter Removed
  • Ice Maker & Drink Dispenser & Filter (If Applicable)
  • Outside Shower Drained
  • All Holding Tanks Dumped
  • Toilet and Hand Sprayer Drained
  • All Taps & Drains Including Shower, Drained
  • Run Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze Through Entire Plumbing System to Prevent Freezing



  • Frozen pipes mean cracked pipes
  • To avoid freezing, fully winterizing your water system is highly recommended.