RV Gadgets for 2022

There are so many add-on gadgets for the RVer that make life safer, funner, more efficient, and more comfortable that advice among the roadwise is for new RV owners to set aside $1,000 or so for those little things that … Continued

Winter RV’ing Tips & Tricks

WINTER RV’ING I know, I know…by this time of year, most Canadians have their RV all closed up and stored for a winter hibernation, counting down the days until they can head out on the road again.  But have you … Continued

Getting Your RV Ready For Winter!

WILL YOU BE READY FOR WINTER? It’s time to start thing about getting your RV ready for another Canadian winter. It’s very important that you prepare your RV’s properly to ensure that it can handle the cold months and will … Continued

What’s My Trade Worth?

WHAT’S MY TRADE WORTH? If you’re looking to trade in your older RV for a new model, talk to one of our RV Experts!  They will determine the condition of your older model to ensure that you’re getting the highest … Continued